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[DIR]2.30/2011-08-21 12:37 -  

Herein are contained patches for Nautilus versions 2.18--2.30, to enable automatic use of VisualIDs wherever thumbnailing isn't possible (and if no custom icon is set, of course).

After installing libvisualid and its included utilities (either via the generic `./configure && make install' or via the debian package-system [the relevant debian package-data is included in the tarballs]), the version-appropriate patch can be applide to Nautilus, and Nautilus can be built with support for VisualIDs.

Simply patching via the `patch' command should suffice, but users of Debian-based systems (like Ubuntu) also have the option of formally loading the patch into the debian build-system:

  1. Run "apt-get source nautilus"
  2. Copy the patch into nautilus-$VERSION/debian/patches/
  3. Edit nautilus-$VERSION/debian/patches/series, if it exists, and append the name of the patch-file to the bottom of the list.
  4. apt-get build-dep nautilus
  5. cd nautilus-$VERSION
  6. dpkg-buildpackage -rfakeroot -b -uc -us

The resultant `*nautilus*.deb' files in nautilus-$VERSION's parent-directory can then be installed with "dpkg -i".

Note that the Nautilus patches, though functional, are somewhat crude at this point--the way that VisualIDs are enabled/disabled at run-time is to create/remove the "~/.icons/VisualIDs/scalable" directory (which is where the VisualID SVG-files will be cached).